metodología de formación empresarial Our methodology focuses on a holistic approach to soft skills training that emphasizes practical application and collaboration between session attendees, trainers, and decision-makers within the organization. We design and implement our training programs and actions considering the following aspects:
  • Identifying the specific soft skills that need to be developed in connection with the results that both the organization and the participants expect to achieve.
  • Impacting within the defined context, organization needs and work environment. We seek to involve attendees using case studies, simulations, and role-playing exercises that help them to apply their skills to real-life scenarios, making the learning experience more engaging and effective.
  • Involvement with the organization and participants by providing them with detailed guidance on tools and techniques for developing and reinforcing soft skills: classroom or virtual sessions, team-building activities, specific didactic material, one-on-one coaching or mentoring, multilateral work meetings, individual or group follow-up, etc.
This 3i methodology (identifying, impacting, involvement) helps professionals develop the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in their roles, leading to higher productivity and better results. Our training projects are tailor-made. We employ professional experts in each subject to help people in their development, using practical and easily applicable tools in their workplace. In addition, in the classroom, in a practical, experiential, and dynamic way, participants work out some tools that will definitively help them to deal with those challenges arising at work.
metodología de formación empresarial Your story is our story. We help our clients to deliver value that matters to investors and customers. We develop your professionals from a confidential and honest position by getting involved with them during and after the program. We are pleased to commit with professionals involved in each training session to help them out to overcome a number of hurdles and progress towards excellence by providing real value to their organizations.
metodología de formación empresarial En Dealing with People, adaptamos la metodología a las necesidades y requerimientos de nuestros clientes, partiendo de un buen conocimiento de los profesionales a desarrollar, trabajamos en colaboración con recursos humanos para garantizar el éxito de los programas y acciones emprendidas. Todos nuestros consultores/formadores tienen más de 15 años de experiencia profesional en posiciones directivas gestionando equipos, dirigiendo empresas o llevando a cabo proyectos complejos. Asimismo, están capacitados para emplear las técnicas didácticas más novedosas y eficaces atendiendo al reto formativo: visual thinking, lego serious play, liderazgo sistémico, playmobil, coaching, neuland, agile, design thinking, paneles de discusión, role-play, simuladores, casos prácticos, flipped classroom, gamificación, etc
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