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Tools to be a better manager

[Only available in Spanish]
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Who is the main responsible for the motivation of any of us when we are working for a company?

The answer is simple: Our direct manager, who determines our day to day, who defines what we must do, who assesses our performance.

We can belong to the best company in the world, we can have the best product ever offered in the market, but if our direct manager does not exercise their role properly, or if we do not maintain a healthy relationship, our work will be hell. 
Managers, as people who have people in their care, don't want to perform poorly in their leadership role.

The problem is that they don't know how to do it or what changes to undertake to get the best out of each of their team members and, at the same time have a minimal impact on the achievement of the assigned goals.
Let’s be clear, to be a good manager you must have a clear vocation of service and skills to achieve results through the team.

“Leading without bothering; tools to be a good manager” was created to offer solutions to those who manage people in their workplace (supervisors, managers, or directors).
The author prefers to talk about "managers" rather than leaders:
“We need to empower managers who make decisions and guide their collaborators on the path to achieving results that support the purpose of the company to which they belong.”

In this revised edition you will find two new chapters:

  1. New leadership model.
  2. How to manage for results.
  3. How to train and develop them.
  4. How to correct deviations (feedback conversations).
  5. How to motivate them.
  6. How to manage conflicts.
  7. How to manage my manager.
  8. How to manage remote teams. New chapter!
  9. How to manage uncertainty. New chapter!
  10. How to be a "leader without bothering”.
liderar sin perder tu identidad

leading without losing your identity

We need change leaders who work from their exemplary skills regarding adaptation and transformation. Leaders who overcome their own fears and insecurities to adjust their behaviors.

[Only available in Spanish]
Now on sale!

Researching how we can be more effective in our managerial role has been the inspiration of the author of this work. But the book’s central axis has been to answer the following questions: How can I be a better professional? How can I achieve the goals in the best possible way, with my team and not despite them? How can I thrive without paying an inappropriate price? How can I ensure that my efforts are reflected in the results? How can I develop professionally? How can I be appreciated for the value I bring? How can I secure a future doing what I love and am good at? How can I contribute to making my organization a better space for work and growth? What do I need to do (and what not) to make things go well?

Being a good manager is not easy.

The purpose of “Leading without losing your identity” is to provide its readers with experiences and tools that favor the effective performance of their managerial role, taking into account the context in which they operate and the mission they have entrusted, without losing their essence and values, seeking results and benefits without harming their own interests or third parties.

“Leading without losing your identity” requires putting into practice four essential behaviors, apparently simple, but that require great doses of will and consistency in the effort:

     • Decide promptly and decisively.

     • Transmit efficiency.

     • Adapt dynamically.

     • Provide reliability.

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