We connect our business strategy with our principles and values by engaging in specific corporate social responsibility actions.
In addition to our policies of corporate transparency, code of ethics and respect for the law, we actively participate in projects with a high social impact such as those shown below:
rsc dealing with people

Rafiki Bora

Rafiki Bora aims to provide scholarships to children and young people in Kenya. Additionally, the organization covers medical expenses, food, and transportation whenever necessary. The association's goal is to offer quality education to some of the children living in challenging conditions in their communities, so they can have access to formal schools and acquire the tools to build a better future.

rsc dealing with people

Fundación Prodis

Foundation committed to supporting individuals with intellectual disabilities in their personal development and inclusion in the workforce. PRODIS offers the following lines of activity:

  • Occupational center: providing support for the promotion of personal autonomy through specific job training, artistic programs, etc.
  • Pre-university, university (at the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, where a two-year program is offered), and post-university training for labor inclusion and supported employment, including internships with companies and mentoring.
  • Management of leisure time and recreational and sports activities.
  • Orientation programs, cognitive stimulation, communication, and language training, etc.

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